“Everything is alright when you guys are around. I want to stay frozen in this moment forever.”

  • Basic info
  • Name: Daniel 'Dan' Baker
  • Nicknames: Dan, Little Fella
  • Age: 16 y.o
  • Gender: Agender
  • Pronouns: They/Them
  • Height: 160cm (5'2)
  • Sexual orientation: Asexual (sex repulsed), Queer
  • Race: Demon (lust)
  • Occupation: high school student, fast food worker, musician
  • Likes
  • The smell of rain
  • Sleeping
  • Making Music
  • Spending time at the mall with friends
  • Crunchy, salty snacks (Especially pretzel sticks)
  • Dislikes
  • Swearing
  • Being in environments they aren’t familiar with
  • Their main job
  • Scratchy Sweaters
  • Passive Aggressive attitudes



Dan Baker was born in the early 2000s as an early zoomer. Their mother, Debbie Baker was a single mother after their father had left her. But the small family was supported by Sean Parker, Dan’s godfather. Dan’s younger childhood was mostly uneventful, although they showed a big interest in making music due to them looking up to Sean and as they entered elementary school, they entered band class. They met a young girl named Daisy and became friends.However, Daisy had to move when they were both 11 years old. Dan was very sad about it and started to be more active online, posting snippets of music they produced and becoming friends with Spencer who then introduced them to her friend Condor, the two would voice call very regularly and chat a lot and grew close quickly.


As Dan slowly hit puberty, they started to become dysphoric, especially about body hair, their adams apple and crotch. They feel isolated and are scared to tell anyone they know in real life about these thoughts and instead ask their friends to refer to them with feminine pronouns which ends up not feeling right to them, so they force themselves into using masculine presentation and pronouns again.


When they turned 14 and entered High School, they met Daisy again who went to the same high school as them. They catch up and slowly rebuild their friendship and Daisy starts to catch feelings for them. They feel pressured into accepting the relationship moving forward as they don’t want to feel more out of place than they already do. The relationship wasn’t healthy, Dan was incapable of setting clear boundaries and Daisy kept pushing the limits and acting entitled. Things got even worse in their life as their mother got murdered in cold blood and they got adopted by Sean. Sean tried his best to be as much of a support as he could be to them, it was a very harsh time for both of them. Dan started to have feelings of depersonalization and struggled to perform the most basic things. They were afraid of going out in fear of anything bad happening to them and only went out to go to school and meet with Daisy in fear of ruining the relationship. They started to focus a lot more on music which helped them distract themselves. A their mind slowly cleared and as they found out about nonbinary identities, they gently asked their friends if they could use they/them for them, which feels right for them and helps them find more clarity in their identity. But that doesn’t help the fact that they are still unsure and confused about their sexuality, they have to be honest with Daisy about it. They meet up at her house and Dan tries to be as honest and gentle as they can with their feelings and how they think they might be queer, which Daisy mocks them for, resulting in an argument. The argument escalates more and more and turns into a fight, Dan can’t take it anymore and tells her that they are nonbinary. Daisy proceeds to violently mock them and be transphobic to their face which makes them snap. They tell her off, run home and fully quit contact. They arrive at their home, quite late, holding back tears. Sean is still awake, practicing guitar riffs. He sees that they are clearly upset and asks what's wrong which makes all their emotions overflow. They break down crying, explaining everything that happened and how ashamed they are of themselves. Sean is a bit overwhelmed but shows a lot of support, helping them calm down. Over the next couple of months they start to heal more, meeting up with their friends again and realizing that they are asexual. They approach Sean about the topic and how they are scared about how their environment would react to it. Sean admits to him struggling with romantic feelings and not feeling welcome either which makes both of them consider escaping.


Dan is a withdrawn and anxious demon who struggles to form connections and clings onto people they trust. They are very introverted and need a lot of time to recharge after IRL social interactions, but they are a lot more confident and open online. They tend to be very emotional and show extreme emotions very openly. Despite them seeming very passive at first they have no issue showing their joy or sadness, they are a firm believer that crying helps people feel better and thus, they cry a lot and seek comfort in the people they trust. They suffer from social anxiety which makes their job very hard, especially when customers complain so they prefer to do tasks where they don’t have to interact with customers as much. They are more than willing to confront their fears but also know when to stop so they won’t give themselves anxiety attacks or mental breakdowns. They feel a lot more confident when they go out with their friends as they feel like they have a safety net when it comes to social interaction. Dan has issues with gaining trust in new people, so most people they trust are before their social anxiety started to take shape. They are quite clingy, tending to rely on people without noticing it. Dan is a very creative individual and a very talented producer considering their age. They also like to draw and they dabble in visual art a bit, they like to design album covers themselves. They have a strong desire to learn and teach themselves a lot of things


  • Dan (In their rework) was mostly inspired by Jane Remover, but also other hyperpop, oftentimes songs that deal with depression, anxiety or isolation. The songs that inspired them the most are: Goldfish and Movies For Guys by Jane Remover, Haunted by Laura Les, SugarCrash! by ElyOtto and Chuckie by Kawai Sprite
  • They Don’t like long sleeves but like long and wide pants
  • They have Social Anxiety but are Undiagnosed
  • They produce hyperpop
  • They like puzzle game
  • They dislike swearing in normal conversations and avoid swearing unless it's for songs

Godchild. Relationship is more akin to siblings than a guardian and their child. Sean is the person that Dan is the closest with and they depend on him quite a bit. They look up to him.

Best friends. Spencer is a big emotional support and contrast to Dan's gloomy attitude. Spencer never fails to make Dan feel better and dan is very glad to have a friend like that. They produce music together in the form of a collaborative project.

Very close friends, they form a small friendgroup together with Spencer. Dan admires Condors cleverness and self confidence. Condor taught them how to draw.

Ex partners.