“What’cha doin’ here? You’re not supposed to be here as a regular visitor!”


Milly is a very unhinged and cut throat young person who has gone through a fair amount of hardship in her life that has turned her from a sweet and shy girl into a hardened, cheeky and headstrong individual. As a young girl she was very introverted and timid, obedient to her parents and generally seemed very sweet. After her parents death she started to change in personality, being forced to turn to a life of crime hardened her and juvenile prison didn’t shy her away from committing more crimes, in fact she only got more cheeky with petty crimes. Most of the crimes she commits now are for necessity (like stealing food, clothes and so on) but she adores rushes of adrenaline (which she also gets by doing other activities) so she sometimes gets ruthless with her stealing. Milly isn’t exactly extroverted but she is far from introverted or being socially awkward. She just doesn’t pick up a lot of conversation in fear of seeming suspicious. She's oftentimes pretty rude and/or sarcastic in conversations, liking to tease people that attack her and hit their insecurities if necessary. Milly doesn’t let others get close to her in fear of losing them so gaining her trust takes time, she doesn’t really have any friends but does miss real social interaction and conversations quite a bit so she likes to talk to her plushies.


  • Name: Milly Layton
  • Nicknames: Milly, Bunny
  • Age: 17 y.o
  • Gender: Girl (Questioning Demigirl)
  • Pronouns: She/They
  • Height: 175 cm (5’7)
  • Sexual orientation: Asexual, demi-romantic, biromantic
  • Race: Demon (greed)
  • Occupation: None/Thief


  • Cute plushies
  • Meaty foods (Especially fond of drumsticks)
  • Running
  • Roller Coasters
  • Silly animal videos


  • Most veggies
  • Cold places
  • Being understimulated
  • Yogurt
  • Nosy people

Partners (?). Met while Gabriella, Sean and Dan were escaping and going through greed.



(DISCLAIMER: The world building of greed is very lackluster at the moment and up in the air. Just know that it is mostly based on Orlando, Florida and that a major key location is based on Disney World. It has no name yet so it will simply be referred to as “the theme park/park” until the world building is more developed)


Born to an upper middle class family. Milly was always a sweet young girl, loving a lot of stereotypical “girly” things. Cute dresses, dolls, movies revolving around fairies and cute animals were a key part of her childhood. But she also had a soft spot for exploring nature and sports, a lot of her peers dismissed how good she was in them due to her more girly appearance and form of expression. She loved soccer a lot and her parents greatly supported her, letting her enter into teams and even competitions. Milly was considered to be pretty talented at the sport in her community and was a well respected player amongst her team.


One day, after a soccer match practice got canceled due to excessive rain, Milliy’s parents arrived a bit late to pick her up, which made them quite angry. As they drove home an argument broke out in the car after milly got miffed that they were soaked from the rain. The argument distracted her parents from focusing on the road, combined with the slippery pavement it caused their father to drive off course, resulting in a crash with another car. Milly awoke to paramedics surrounding her. She was mostly fine, only having a couple of cuts on her arms and legs and having passed out from the shock. She panicked, trying to get up and see if her parents were alright, but they weren't. The paramedics informed her that they had passed away. Which shattered milly, she couldn’t even cry and was just in disbelief. Milly was transferred into an orphanage after a trip to the ER to check for potentially dangerous internal injuries. Milly couldn’t stand living in an orphanage, not because it was a bad place to stay but because being together with other orphaned kids reminded her of their loss and trauma. She didn’t feel comforted in knowing she wasn’t alone, they felt invalidated and pushed aside if anything.

During a damp summer night, Milly ran away from the orphanage she was sent to. Not knowing how to continue her life because she was too young to work, she turned to crime, stealing things for survival. Milly slowly started to harden, it was a long and difficult process but they were forced to get thicker skin and become more aggressive to survive in the streets. When milly was around 14 years old, she was caught shoplifting a large amount of food and clothing from a mall and was sentenced to 8 months in juvenile prison. Strangely enough, unlike her stay in the orphanage, it didn’t make them feel invalidated or ashamed per se. There was a certain embarrassment for being caught in the first place but they were able to fend for themselves in prison very well. A lot of other young demons thought she was pathetic for being imprisoned for such a rookie mistake but messing with her was always a mistake. Being in prison hardened them even more and helped them train their self defense skills. After being released, Milly realized that finding a place to stay might be a good idea, with her record there was a low chance of them getting a job, especially as a 15 year old.


Milly had a very impulsive idea suddenly, she was near the fabled theme park and thought about trying to find a place to stay there. She broke into it during a busy day and found employee only areas. She found a big air vent and despite it being a huge risk, decided to explore it. After a while of crawling she found an exit that led down to an abandoned janitor room. Milly was fascinated by it and decided it would be a good place to stay for now. She started to slowly explore the theme park, becoming more and more familiar with it, living through stealing items and change to buy necessities. She learned to disguise herself as a janitor in employee only areas to avoid suspicion. She now lives within the theme park and takes great precaution to not get caught again.


  • Milly was almost exclusively inspired by the album MY SWEET HONEY BUNNY by Sonic Dragolgo.
  • Her design was inspired by Foo Fighters and Jolyne from JJBA.
  • The name “Milly” was chosen because of Miffy, a cartoon bunny that is referenced in MSHB
  • Milly has a tattoo inspired by skelanimals on her left arm. It resembles a cartoon bunny.
  • The boots that Milly wears have paw pads as their soles that resemble bunny paws
  • Milly likes to hoard stuffed animals she finds in the Park, usually ones that were lost by children.
  • She lives in an abandoned, nailed shut janitor chamber in the underground area of the park.
  • She disguises herself as a janitor in employees only areas.
  • Milly burned her eyebrows down in juvenile prison and now paints them on, always the wrong way.