Godfather. Has a strong connection with them more akin to siblings. Not very strict with them unless absolutley necessary which is rare. They spend a lot of time together as they both cherish the few people they have in life.

Sean hates Leandros guts for murdering his best friend. He is only aware of his name but not where he lives or what he looks like. Leandro isn't aware of Seans existence.

Very close friends, ex lovers. Jael is someone who likes to be a big support for people she trusts. She regularly helps Sean out by giving him gigs in her bar or suggestion where he could get gigs. Sean trusts her a lot, shes one of the only people he vents to about his insecurities.

Sean isn't too familiar with Spencer beyond friendly interactions. He has met it a couple of times when she was over at his and Dan's appartment. Sean is glad that she is Dan's best friend but is sometimes worried about the trouble that it gets Dan into.



Sean Parker was born to a lower middle class family consisting of his father and mother, Bill and Kate Parker as an only child. His father worked as a radio DJ to support the family while Kate quit her job at retail to care for Sean. Even as a child, Sean has shown himself to be someone of great curiosity. He would spend a lot of time with his father, asking him questions about his job and how it works and listen to the different vinyls he collected with him. While his mother was the primary caretaker for him, he cherished his moments with his father a lot because of how little time he had with him. His interest in music made him want to pick up guitar lessons as young as 5 years old and at the age of 7, He got his first guitar and guitar lessons with a mentor who was greatly supportive of whatever Sean wanted to learn. During that time, Sean started attending grade school and was often ridiculed by his classmates for being socially awkward and having weird quirks, despite him not thinking he was any different. His mother got increasingly concerned with the way he seemed to develop in her eyes, while his father waved it off as him growing out of being socially awkward once he was older. When Sean was roughly 12 years old and about to enter middle school, his mother decided to take him to a psychologist to see if everything was alright. After a few tests Sean was diagnosed with ASD which changed every relationship he had. His father wasn’t able to cope with the idea of having a disabled son and out of shame started becoming more cold and distant over time which made Sean feel very isolated. His mother would make massive life decisions for him without telling him or asking him for his opinion in fear of her son not being capable of making his own decisions. In general she started to strongly infantilize Sean and feel overwhelmed and victimize herself because of the unnecessary amount of responsibilities she put on herself that Sean could have handled himself. Shortly after his diagnosis, his mother made the decision to send him to another guitar teacher without telling him. Not only did the sudden change make Sean feel very anxious and misunderstood, but the new teacher also didn’t take him or his dreams and wishes seriously. He was easily agitated and used most of his students (including Sean) as a counselor for his frustrations regarding others who were into more alternative and even experimental music. He would regularly shun Sean for doing the slightest things wrong which made him more and more frustrated to keep on making music.

Teenage years

As he entered highschool, Sean felt more and more isolated and growing more aware of the world around him. He became bitter, because he was never told nor did he understand what his condition does to him and how it affects him. The bullying got worse as well, he started being called slurs and lured into fake friendships as pranks. He started to hide himself and find and escape from reality with music, spending any money he got on vinyls and instruments. Despite that, he never quite found a music genre that resonated with him. Around the time when he was a sophomore, a new student named Debbie joined and was seated next to Sean. She took interest in Sean and tried to pick up a friendship with him. Due to all the people pretending to be his friend as a prank or to use him, he didn’t trust her at all tho. One day, Debbie decided to invite Sean over to an abandoned apartment where she would spend a lot of her time hanging out with her friends. Sean was nervous, fearing for the worst but as he arrived he realized none of the demons there meant any harm. Regardless, he was still extremely anxious to be there due to his trust issues but he liked the atmosphere and spirit of Debbie and her friends. Over time, he spent more time in that abandoned apartment and was slowly introduced into punk culture via Debbie and her friends. While he liked what the movement stood for and he really enjoyed the music, it was only when Debbie decided to take him to a concert that he really realized how much the scene and music resonated with him. He started being more active in the movement, to the dismay of his parents. His father waved the subculture off as nothing but a bunch of terrorists while his mother tried keeping him away in fear that he would get hurt. Sean felt more and more frustrated with how his parents treated him but no matter what he tried to do, they wouldn’t listen to him. During his senior year, he and Debbie started hooking up but the relationship eventually broke apart due to Sean not being able to express romantic feelings. That didn’t stop them from being friends as the breakup was mutual.

Early adulthood

When Sean turned 19, he moved out for college but dropped out after the first semester due to an extreme burnout. He crashed at Debbie's apartment where he would live with her and her boyfriend. He didn’t see a future for himself, he played in a few bands and also solo but it brought him minimal income. He spent most of the money he earned in bars where he usually got drunk and hooked up with others due to a creeping fear that he needed to develop a romantic relationship. But these hookups didn’t end up in anything serious. One night he stumbled into a bar where he realized that one of his old friends, Ren, was an employee there and the two welcomed each other back with open arms and talked about how their life went. After Sean talked about how he struggled to find work Ren started talking with her boss, Jael, about letting Sean perform a gig. Jael gave her go ahead and a few days later, Sean performed at the bar and was met with quite a lot of support from the demons at the bar, more than what he usually was. After his gig he decided to talk to Jael and to his surprise, they managed to hit it off quite well. He started going to the bar more regularly and would usually talk with Jael if she wasn’t busy. After knowing each other for a while he started to hook up with her, but that didn’t last long either. Once after they had sex, Sean broke down and confessed that he feels worthless for the way he can’t express his romantic feelings and that he feels like it makes him a shitty being. Jael comforted him throughout his emotional breakdown and something about that stuck with Sean.

Adulthood/Current years

Sean spent the next few years trying to heal as best as he could while saving up for his own place, Debbie and her boyfriend helped him by letting him stay during these times and Sean was eternally grateful for that. During his mid 20s, he finally had enough money to move out into a small apartment which was a roughly 20 minute walk away from where Debbie lived. As Sean’s life began to stabilize more, he received a call from Debbie informing him that she was pregnant and asking him if he would like to be the godfather of the child, Sean accepted. But everything seemed to go downhill after Debbies partner left to escape hell to dodge his responsibility as a parent, making Sean a big emotional support for Debbie as she coped with her partner leaving her. Sean and Daniel developed a quick connection similar to siblings more than a godparent and a child and it only grew stronger the older Daniel got.. A bit after Dans 13th birthday, Sean got a call in the middle of the night from the police as he received the news that Debbie was apparently murdered. A few days before the murder, Debbie witnessed illegal human trafficking going on in her neighbourhood and she wanted to report it to the police but was caught by the demons involved in the trafficking organization and brutally murdered so she wouldn’t rat them out. This news left both Sean and Daniel devastated, leaving Daniel without parents and Sean losing one of his first and only friends. Daniel moved in with Sean so that Daniel would at least have someone to support them while they were still in school. They started working part time as a fast food worker while Sean kept earning money by doing gigs which kept both of them afloat. Jael supported them both through their grifieng period. Bringing them food when money was tight and offering them company when they felt alone. Later on, Sean found out through rumors that a demon named “Leandro Salfur” was behind the organization and Sean swore to kill him if he ever got the chance.

"People say: "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade" but they don't want to acknowledge that you need to get the sugar yourself."

    Basic info
  • Name: Sean Parker
  • Nicknames: Sean, Shroom guy
  • Age: 34 y.o, True age: 45 y.o
  • Birthday: 23rd June
  • Gender: Cis Male
  • Pronouns: He/Him
  • Height: 180cm (5'9)
  • Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, Aromantic
  • Race: Demon (Incubus)
  • Occupation: Musician
  • Fungi
  • Playing the guitar
  • Autumn
  • Whiskey
  • Spending time with his godchild
  • Hanging out at his friends bar
  • Deep conversations late into the night
  • Pop punk
  • Soda
  • Videogames (He is bad at them)
  • Bright colors
  • Reality TV
  • Most social media platforms (Only uses music related ones)


  • As evident by his playlist, Sean was heavily inspired by the band AJJ.
  • He has a special interest in fungi.
  • Sean has several stims, some voluntary and some involuntary. His most prominent ones are practicing and repeating riffs, tapping his foot (voluntary) and playing with his hair and bouncing his leg (involuntary)
  • He has misophonia and his main trigger sound is coughing. He tends to pull his hair or flich strongly when he hears coughing
  • Sean has good hygiene and takes a lot of care of his hair.
  • He is vegetarian.
  • He does not like carbonated drinks, they hurt his mouth.
  • Despite the fact that he doesn’t like video games, he sometimes plays them together with Dan for bonding time and to make them happy.


Sean is a demon with a lot of bottled up struggles and internalized issues who wishes for a better world for those around him, but doesn’t seem to have high hopes or wishes for himself.

Sean was forced to become hyper aware of his symptoms quickly out of nowhere due to how his parents started to treat him after his ASD diagnosis which has led him to overthink basically every conversation he has ever had with people he isn’t extremely close with. Due to him being a lust demon, he is still very extroverted and seeks a lot of contact but has a hard time connecting with others. He struggles to open up about his internalized abelism even tho his closest friends and pushes his issues away in fear of hurting himself more while trying to confront them.

He is very hyper aware of unfair circumstances and has fought in the past for a better future, due to how his life is currently he can’t really help people the way he wants too and he is quite bitter about it, but doesn’t want to risk hurting or putting his loved ones in danger.

Sean tends to go onto tangents about subjects he is passionate about a lot, often times they are unrelated to the actual conversations he is in and as soon as he realizes he is rambling he gets over apologetic and embarrassed. He tries to restrain his ramblings to people he trusts but usually still feels bad when they happen even if he knows the other people wont mind.

Despite how unrelated a lot of his tangents are, they just showcase about how passionate he is about the things he does love. He is a quick learner, even with topics he doesn’t care about all that much. He has a good memory for most things, discounting specific dates like remembering birthdays which he struggles with. He might not be the most book smart person but he is very clever.

Sean has a habit of holding grudges for a long while, usually they are deserved tho. He only holds them against people who have hurt him or others he is close with. He cares about the few people that he does have in his life like nothing else, willing to literally die for them if necessary.