“”Rushed” my ass! This shit goes hard”

  • Basic Info
  • Name: Spencer Brady
  • Nicknames: Spencer, Spenc
  • Age: 17 y.o
  • Gender: Transfem genderqueer
  • Pronouns: She/it
  • Height: 173 cm (5’7)
  • Sexual orientation: Pansexual
  • Race: Demon (lust)
  • Occupation: Sound design student, music producer
  • Likes
  • Eyestrain aesthetic
  • Candy and sweet treats
  • Loud, borderline obnoxious music
  • Energy drinks
  • Weird fashion
  • Dislikes
  • Being Bored
  • Seafood
  • Slow paced music
  • Cheesy live action romance shows (seems to be OK with animated series focusing on these kinds of topics)
  • Her brother


Spencer is a very hyperactive (certainly not helped by her love for energy drinks) and out there Demon who kind of fits the stereotypical view of a band kid in terms of how obnoxious it seems to some people who don’t know her too well. It is very extroverted even for Lust demon standards and likes to jump in on conversations even if she wasn’t part of them, which is for better or for worse. Spencer likes to form connections with anyone who she shares interests or hobbies with.

She is very very impatient and hates waiting around or having to consume understimulating media. Its attention span is quite short. Spencer strongly hates being told to wait and be patient since she struggles with it already and it feels like a personal attack to her.

It is very ambitious about her craft and often neglects duties and pulls all-nighters to finish personal projects. She is very cocky and proud of what she produces and makes.

Spencer is also a loud and proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, wearing a lot of pride buttons and being very open about her identity and labels, It doesn’t care what people thinks and isn’t afraid to clap back.


  • Spencer was mostly inspired by Food House and the solo works of the members of the project, and also 100 gecs
  • Spencer likes to dabble into creating her own clothes, she's not the best at it but it has fun making little things, especially accessories
  • She chose to keep her birth name because she likes what it sounds like and hasn’t found a name she likes as much as it does her birth name
  • She likes monster energy drinks the most and collects some of the cans
  • Spencer started to identify as Transfem around 2-3 years before the story takes place
  • Its favorite video game genre are rhythm games and her favorite games are Muse Dash and JSAB
  • She has a big love for human culture and consumes human media regularly, it knows her way around pirating and accessing it pretty well despite not being a massive expert on technology, she discovered hyperpop through it.
  • She sometimes makes Neil Cicierega inspired mashups with only human music.



Spencer was born into a middle class family with her parents and its big brother, Adam. Spencer was generally well loved and raised by her parents but had a very very strained relationship with her brother who acted very entitled and teased her a lot without her parents interfering because they were afraid of making him feel unloved. He hated not being a single child anymore and mocked her for her interests , making Spencer very insecure for a lot of her childhood. She spent a lot of time on child friendly MMO’s during her childhood as a distraction, her favorite being Cult Penguin where it met Condor who shared a lot of interest with her, especially about more “feminine” fashion and hobbies. Spencer's parents didn’t mind its interests because they were quite progressive for the time.

Pre Teen years

Her brother moved out for college when she was 12 years old, around the same time she started to produce music and upload it online, through coincidence they discovered Dan’s music and were very impressed and they started to message them, both of them became friends quickly and Spencer introduced them to condor as well. They all realized they live rather close to each other and started to meet up regularly to hang out.

Teenage years/Present

Spencer applied for sound design college a bit early in her life because she was seeking out a lot of independence, she got accepted when she turned 17 years old and got a lot of good grades starting off, but she grew bored of it quickly, instead focusing more on producing the things she wanted too in her free time, neglecting assignment for the sake of earning money online instead. It now works as both a solo producer and collaborates with other artists who produce hyperpop, she is still attending college but her grades aren’t exactly doing well.

Best friends. Spencer is a big emotional support and contrast to Dan's gloomy attitude. Spencer never fails to make Dan feel better and Dan is very glad to have a friend like that. They produce music together in the form of collaborative projects.

Very close friends, they form a good friend group together with Dan and Kai. Their personalities are pretty different, especially in work ethics. They friendly tease each other over it.

Good friends, bond over their love for over the top fashion and Have collaborated a few times. Kai helps Her with graphic design for album covers.

E-dating (Kass is a wrath demon.). They met online a couple of years ago on a gaming forum where Spencer asked a question and Kass answered. They have a very lovey dovey relationship.

Siblings, very strained relationship. Adam has dropped the bully attitude after moving out for college and instead is very patronizing to her now and using her as a get out of jail free card to speak over LGBTQ+ issues which pisses it off a lot.

Know each other pretty briefly. Spencer doesn’t have a very strong opinion on him but likes to call him funny nicknames when visiting Dan at their apartment.