Here are some Helpful resources I used/suggest using

  • SCM Music player: A f2u music player which doesn't require any JS knowledge
  • WebAmp: Another f2u music player. Requires some JS knowledge and uses mp3 files so you need to be a supporter.
  • OpenDyslexic: Free font designed to be dyslexia friendly
  • Blinkies Cafe: Blinkie collection and maker
  • GifCities: Archive/collection of GeoCities gifs
  • GifyPet: Virtual pet for your neocities
  • Picasion: Glitter text and images (I mostly used it for glitter text)
  • Internet Bee: Neocities user that makes f2u graphics (give credit back to them if you use their work)
  • 22,000 gifs: 22 thousand old school gifs
  • XP css: A windows XP styled CSS sheet (which I used for this page)
  • cbox: A free chatbox