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About me!

Hi I am Chester (He/him), the webmaster of this little creature cave!

I am a visual artist from switzerland who likes to express himself and his love for things with his craft. I mostly do digital 2d art and have picked up coding a few weeks ago. I draw both fan art and original content and I like to work with bright colors if I can! You can find more info about me and my insterests in the "funfact" section.

Why did I make this site?

Ever since I was a child, I was fascinated by the world wide web and computers (even tho I suck at both software and hardware stuff). I loved customizing my very first windows XP laptop as a child and still have a lot of nostalgia for windows XP. Skip a few years forward, when I made my first social media account (Deviantart) in early 2016 I got core gifted to me by a friend as a birthday gift and my mind was blown by the customization. Even tho I didn’t understand what HTML even was I made my page a chaotic hell hole with whatever I liked, meaning cat images next to stamps next to memes based on my favorite bands next to my likes and dislikes.

Now that I’ve gotten older and the web became more sanitized I realized how depressing it all looks. I understand that minimalism has its place for accessibility’s sake but I do not like the vibe it has. For a while the only thing I had were carrd’s but they got boring quickly. But then I found out about neocities due to a tweet advertising carrd alternatives and I fell in love with it. The quirky nostalgia, the unique feeling to every little corner of it and how nice the userbase seems all made me day dream about making my own site. I'm still kinda bound to normal social media because I want to make art my income (society moment) and stuff. But I love the indie web a lot.

One day I said “fuck it” and picked up a long but very in depth HTML tutorial and burned through it in a couple of days. I still don’t understand certain things like flex box but now with basic knowledge in my hands, I started crafting this site as a place to express myself since, I sadly struggle to express myself through my art sometimes because I’m my worst critic, making a website helps me relax and is a lot of fun!

Other stuff about me


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