Building my first website

Well, I have been constructing this site for the past week or so. Offline, that is because I’d like to have the basics down before I upload it to neocities since I’m a bit insecure about this.

Building a website like this for fun where you don’t have to be absolutely perfect is an oddly therapeutic break from drawing. As much as I enjoy art I’ve been feeling quite burned out from it recently so picking up a new hobby is super relaxing. Sure, building a website can be frustrating even if you started from a basic template, but fixing a glitch or a bug or a problem is always so rewarding.

All my sections so far are just copy pastes of each other, I might make them more unique and decked out later when I have more experience, especially with CSS animation or if I ever learn JS.

I’ve mentioned it before in the updates section but I attempted making a site a few weeks/roughly 2-3 months ago and forced myself into an aesthetic for it that I didn’t enjoy working with and I also just didn’t know what direction to go with it. So pro tip to anyone here making their first site, know what you want before you start.

I don’t have any shrines yet (because I'd like for all of them to have original code) and only one OC page (The one for Sean Parker). An issue is that some of my OCs have explicit backstories with triggering or NSFW subjects and I do not know how much of that is allowed on neocities, at least on non 18+ accounts so I want to tread lightly. I will however always put a CW pop up onto OC sites with triggering subjects.

As of me writing this, I only have a few more things to make until I am satisfied enough with it to publish this site to the world wide web, I’m a bit nervous but I hope people will like my site.