Resources I used

If you are in need for some resources you can find some here!

w3school is a free learning resource for HTML, CSS and JS and can teach you basically anything. But if you are coding yourself you probably know about this site already.

SuperSimpleDev's tutorial might seem intimidating at first but this tutorial taught me a majority of what I needed to build a website. If you're brand new to HTML and CSS watching it is well worth your time.

The SCM Music Player is a free music player you can put on your page! It doesn't work sometimes but it works most of the time, it might be an issue with JS so if you know JS you can mess around with it.

Sadgrl is a user here on neocities that offers tutorials, resources and even a template! I got a lot of backgrounds from them.

Opendyslexic offers a font designed to be helpful for people with dyslexia. I personally didn't use it myself but if you'd like your site to be as accessible as possible you might want to use it!

Blinkies cafe offers a big variety of blinkies and you can customize your own too!

GifCities is an archive of thousands of gifs from the geocities eara of the internet. I got a lot of my decoration from it!

GifyPet allows you to make your own little virtual pet!

Picasion is a site for making glittery text gifs!

PicMix is perfect for cheesy, old school glittery gifs that your grandma would send you to wish you good morning.

Tumblr also has a lot of archived and/or F2U stuff! Just make sure you're allowed to use the assets you find there!!!


And always remember!

As long as the webmaster is fine with it, reference aspects that you like of their site! Taking inspiration is a magical thing, just be respectfull!