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This is my true form

Welcome to my little hellhole!

Hey there, I’m Chester! I’m a digital artist from Switzerland who has picked up coding a couple of months ago. I found out about neocities last summer and since I miss the customization options on social media I made my own site. I update this site quite often (or at least, I try too) so stay tuned :D
This site is best viewed on desktop with either chrome or firefox and was designed on a large, 2.5k resolution screen. Zoom in or out depending on your screen.

  • 26.08.23// Ressisting the urge to re-work this site again LUL
  • 22.08.23// Blegh :P sorry for no recent updates guys, don't have a lot of ideas RN and I'm dealing with some mental health issues. Might work on a little side project as a treat
  • 21.04.23// New blog entry! Expressionism and artistic value
  • 08.04.23// New OC page for Milly Layton!
  • 17.03.23// Fixxed some issues where pages wouldn't link correctly
  • 08.03.23// Added a couple of OCs to the OC section
  • 06.03.23// New OC page for Spencer Brady!
  • 17.02.23// Well, it took me basically an entire month but I am done with the new layout! I'm very happy with it!
  • 16.01.23// Currently building the new layout. It will take me a couple of weeks probably since im gonna be pretty busy soon and I gotta draw a lot of assets.
  • 13.01.23// Things are getting a bit busy IRL, I'm currently trying to learn JS and building smaller sites in my freetime. I want to change the layout here some day
  • 22.11.22// I'm in the process of adding alt text to my images. I've finished a few pages and will finish the homepage tomorrow.
  • 22.11.22// I added some more decoration to some pages who are a bit bland. I'm writting this pretty early into the day and might add more later.
  • 21.11.22// Another update, huh? Yea I fixed a pretty annoying issue where my home page wouldn't load correctly, it should be good now.
  • 21.11.22// Today I finally uploaded this site! I'm excited to share this site with my friends and I hope I'll be able to update it more in the future :)
  • 20.11.22// I didn't work on this site too much today, but I did finish up Sean's pages and started construction on the shrine hub and on the first shrine.
  • 19.11.22// Today was a productive day, I fixed a major issue with the containers, made a general template for the OC part and started working on Sean’s page! I think I am getting the hang of this.
  • 18.11.22// I collected and added more images and gifs and "finished" the art gallery. I am also working on the OC section which will be updated with more OCs when I have time and finished their stories and bios. I have also wrapped some of the decoration in spans to fix a major issue i was runing into.
  • 17.11.22// I touched up the homepage and reworked the "about" section I first constructed yesterday. I also started construction on the Art page
  • 16.11.22// I spent most of my time today collecting assets so I have a lot of them on hand When I need them.
  • 15.11.22// I started building this website today, I've attempted making a site a few months ago but scrapped that draft due to me not being happy with the aesthetic, at all. I should mention that I used a template made by ocpdzim. So kudos to it!

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